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Anonymousasked: What is the fall network

It’s basically a page of blogs that are solely autumn/fall/Halloween related for other fall bloggers (or people on tumblr in general) to follow and connect with and find blogs similar to their own. :) 

I’ve recently wiped the slate clean and restarted, so it’s in need of a lot more members! You can click here to go there.

Autumn Coziness by lydiafairy on Flickr.
untitled by essie {jane} on Flickr.
302/366 by {cindy} on Flickr.
cozy by Susan Licht on Flickr.

Remember that the fall network is still accepting applicants!

apple sauce day by essie {jane} on Flickr.
gathering leaves by essie {jane} on Flickr.
DSC_0009 by _windprincess on Flickr.
time to cozy up by catklein on Flickr.